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Vertical Packaging Machine

Vertical Packaging Machine - HW-1712

Vertical Packaging Machine - HW-1732 ...

  • Advanced PLC Ccontrol with Touch Screen, Labor Saving, Low Maintenance, Quick Size Change and Cost Saving.

  • With touch screen to display machine state. operation instruction, and faults.

  • Over 30 sets of product specifications can be stored in the machine.

  • One machine can do pillow type seal, 3-side seal, triangle type, only by changing bag formers.

  • Intermittent motion sealing ensures the perfect sealing.

  • Product contact parts made by stainless steel.

  • High reliable PLC control.

ADDRESS  No.537, Fengzhou Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 429, Taiwan

TEL  +886-4-2523-5829

FAX  +886-4-2527-6923

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