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  • Connected parts with product made by stainless steel.

  • 1 BAG former.

  • Photocell.

  • 2 Motorized draw belts.

  • 3 sets of temperature control.

  • Variety of feeding systems are available.

  • PLC control system.


Pillow Packing Machine


Pouch Size

  • HW-5352 : L100~400mm x W100~300mm

Bag Range

  • 1000~2000 g

Feeding System

  • Auger Filler for powder feeding.

  • Volumetric Cup.

  • Conveyor.

  • Multihead combination weigher.

  • Auger filler single/twin/four head weighe.

Packaging Product

Small Particle Shape Items: such as a small pizza, loaded bulk sugar, bread and other types of small wind Peng bag of snacks product packaging.

Packaging Product Examples

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Seal Type

Pillow Type Seal
Pillow Type Seal
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Optional Device

  • coder for printing date

  • hole punch device

  • conveyor

  • vibratory tank

Thank you for your interest in Hersonber products.

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