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  • Single reels with quick release locks.

  • Auto-stop avoids film breakage & film running out.

  • Pouch length controlled exactly by PLC system.

  • Complete airtight sealing.

  • Fin seal roller with automatic release/close when the machine on/off.

  • Fixed bag former for easy operating.


High Speed Microcomputer Candy Packing Machine


  • L45~60*W15~33*H5~22mm

Pouch Size

  • Food Industry.

Applicable Category

All Kinds of Hard Candy Packaging.

Packaging Product

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Packaging Product Examples

  • Automatic Vibratory Chute For a Controlled Product Infeed.

  • One layer rotation disc (dia. 550mm), easy to unload, clean, and maintain.

  • Easily exchangeable sorting disc to accommodate other product size.

Feeding System

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