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Liquid Packaging Machine
HW-1102 / HW-1103 / HW-1104

  • Film reels have quick release locks and micro-adjustment.

  • Step-less speed control adjustment throughout the range.

  • Pouch length is adjustable within the range, no need to change the parts.

  • Equipped with a photocell made in Germany avoiding film-cutting error.

  • Variety of feeding systems are available.


Liquid Packaging Machine


Pouch Size

  • HW-1102 : L50~120mm x W30~80mm

  • HW-1103 : L50~120mm x W30~80mm

  • HW-1104 : L50~120mm x W30~80mm

Bag Range

  • 1~30 g

Feeding System

  • Fixed Volumetric Cup.

  • Adjustable Volumetric Cup.

  • In-feed Conveyor.

  • Counting Disc.

  • Piston filling for liquid.

Applicable Category

  • Food Industry Category.

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Category.

  • Beauty Care Classes.

  • Hardware Category and Chemical Family.

Packaging Product

Powder and Granule Shape Items: such as sugar, salt, pepper, tea, coffee, flour, oats, seeds, peanuts, spices (product), powder, screws, BB bombs...etc.
Liquid Items: such as ketchup, salad dressing, fructose, lotion, lotion, shampoo, shower gel...etc.

Packaging Product Examples

Seal Type

Optional Device

  • stainless steel frame

  • coder for printing date

  • stirrer

  • vibratory tank

  • multi pack cutting device

  • seal cut device with easy tear design for special shape

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