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Horizontal Packaging Machine
HW-264A / HW-266A


  • Twin reels with quick release locks.

  • Automatic bag length adjustment with touch screen.

  • Auto-stop avoids film breakage & film running out.

  • Automatic bag length monitoring and adjusting.

  • Equipped with a photocell made in Germany avoiding film-cutting error.

  • Complete airtight sealing.

  • Auto-stop avoids film breakage & film running out.

  • Touch screen for operator interface.

  • Connected parts with product made by stainless steel.

Horizontal Packaging Machine


Pouch Size

  • HW-264A : L100~320mm x W20~120mm x H5~60mm

  • HW-266A : L100~320mm x W70~230mm x H5~60mm

Applicable Category

  • Food Industry.

  • Medicine Medical Category.

  • Beauty Care.

  • Metal Products.

  • Classes and Families Chemical.

Packaging Product

Various Types of Solid-Like Shape of the Product - such as: Nougat, Pineapple Cake, Cookies, Peanut Candy, Meat, Chocolate, Candied Fruit, Toothbrushes, Syringes, Mouse Pads, Mask, Wet Wipes, Metal Parts, PIZZA Crust, Bread, Moon Cake, Instant Noodles, Meat, Soap, Rice, Seaweed...etc.

Packaging Product Examples

Optional Device

  • stainless steel frame

  • coder for printing date

  • adjustable bag former

  • automatic splicer

  • hole punch device

  • nitrogen feeding device

  • longer feeding conveyor

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